Board games are family-friendly boredom busters

Families spend a lot of quality time together. While there are many ways to fill that time, sometimes the best activities are those that inspire a bit of nostalgia.

Board games have been a tried and true family activity for centuries. In fact, Senet, which is believed to be the world's first board game, was enjoyed in Ancient Egypt as far back as 3500 BCE. Checkers, chess and backgammon are some other beloved board games that have withstood the test of time.

Many family-friendly board games that have been developed through the years are just as fun to play today as they were when they were first introduced.

· The Game of Life®: The idea behind this game is to go through life making smart decisions. The player who retires first and with the most money is the winner. It can be a great way to teach youngsters about money management and sound decision-making.

· Scrabble®: Players strategically place letter tiles on the board in a crossword puzzle format. These letters form words, and each letter is valued differently, creating a score for each word. Families can enjoy this fun competition while expanding their vocabularies.

· Clue®: Clue is the original "who done it" mystery game. Players attempt to figure out which suspect was involved in the crime against Mr. Boddy, naming the room in which it took place as well as the weapon used during the crime. Although it's somewhat macabre, the game can instill thoughtful problem-solving skills as players try to narrow down the possibilities.

· Monopoly®: The first Monopoly game was released in 1935, and since then there have been various incarnations. The game involves buying and trading properties and requires both risk and luck. Monopoly is fun to play and teaches great lessons regarding real estate, budgeting and other financial skills.

· Battleship®: What started out as a pen-and-paper game during World War I evolved into a successful strategy game. Two players attempt to target and sink their opponents battleships on a 10 x 10 grid.

· Chess: Players have to maneuver 16 pieces across a 64-square game board with the ultimate goal being to checkmate the opponent's king piece. This game has endured nearly 1,500 years and has many different fans.

Board games can be an ideal activity that the entire family can enjoy together.


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