How to become a more effective negotiator

Learning the art of negotiation can benefit anyone, but it's particularly effective for people well who are always interested in finding a bargain. Not everyone is born with negotiating skills, but they can learn them.

· Ask for what you want. Be assertive and know what you want from a situation. This can help you have the upper hand.

· Gather information. Do your homework by gaining all pertinent information before beginning a negotiation. You can only come up with the right price or the right tactic after gathering all of the pieces of the puzzle.

· Don't rush things. It's tempting to want to rush through negotiations because of fear that things will not go your way. But remain patient so that you don't make mistakes or short yourself in the deal.

· Make the first offer. Making the first offer helps you seize control of the bargaining table, and research has shown that a lower cost is the end result when a buyer sets the price.

· Use concrete terms. Negotiations always should use firm descriptions and figures. Do not be abstract. If you are selling and give a range you'll likely get the lower amount of that range. 



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