BUGS! Some bugs help us, some annoy us, and some are downright dangerous. But you can learn a lot from bugs.   What you'll need An insect guide guide from the library - preferably ones with pictures Your magnifying glass Your science journal   What to do Search your home and neighborhood for bugs....
  BUBBLES Who doesn't enjoy blowing bubbles? You can make bubbles at home, and they can be beautiful shapes and colors! What you'll need 8 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid 1 quart water 1 drinking straw A shallow trayGrown-up alert! 1 tin can, open at both ends Your science journal What to do Mix...
  SOAP POWER Have you ever tried using soap to power a boat? This simple activity works because of "surface tension." What you'll need 1 index card Scissors A baking dish (or sink full of water) Liquid dish detergent Your science journal What to do From an index card, cut out a boat like this. Make...
LOOK CLOSELY Looking at objects closely is an important part of science, and a magnifying glass lets us see things we don't even know are there. It also helps us see how objects are similar or different from each other. What you'll need A magnifying glass Your science journal What to do - Use...


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