A.I. could have dangerous consequences

People have been discussing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) more recently after the social platform Snapchat added an A.I. chatbot feature. Users can ask their chatbot, called “MyAI” just about anything, and it will respond like a normal person.

Screenshots of people’s conversations with their “MyAI” have been shared all over social media, and some are alarming. When asked “Are you human?” the chatbot often replies yes to that question. When pressed on that question, however, the chatbot will respond something like, “Oops, my mistake. I’m an A.I.”

One concern with the chatbot on Snapchat is safety for children. Children are already so vulnerable without phones in their hands. Children as young as 13 use Snapchat, maybe younger if they enter a fake birthdate. The chatbot will act like a human unless questioned, leaving parents worried about what conversations are being had. Luckily, there are safety features Snapchat has in place that provides some ease for parents.

I asked my chatbot if there are any safety or security concerns with A.I. There was a long response, but the summary was that there are concerns that A.I. will or could surpass human intelligence, which could have dangerous consequences.

I took a course in college that was titled “Science and Religion,” and in the course we discussed a variety of topics including the potential dangers of A.I. Unfortunately, if humans take A.I. too far, or develop it before they have enough knowledge on it, I believe it could be dangerous.

I believe there can be benefits to A.I., but I think it’s being developed too rapidly, and it could get out of control. A big name in technology, Elon Musk, has warned against A.I. in recent interviews. I think it says a lot when someone who works in technology is speaking about the dangers and serious concerns with technology.

I think it is important to remember not to worship technology like it’s a god. Yes, it is convenient and has many benefits, but our lives should not revolve around it. I worry that too many people literally rely on technology and see no consequences with developing A.I. or other technologies that could potentially be harmful to society.


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