Holiday wreath dos and don'ts

No greenery is more recognized during the holiday season than Christmas trees. However, wreaths likely take a close second to towering evergreens when it comes to green holiday decor.

It is important to treat wreaths with care in order to maximize their longevity and beauty. The following tips can help ensure wreaths remain fresh and festive throughout the month of December.

· Choose the right design. Select a wreath that is not too busy nor too boring. It is important to strike the right balance. A good wreath has a focal point, which may be a festive bow or another decorative piece. Keep in mind this is a wreath which should have lots of greenery on display, rather than flowers that characterize other seasonal wreaths.

· Weigh your wreath. Take a moment to ask a salesman how heavy the wreath is when you purchase it. Knowing the weight of the wreath will help you identify the proper hanging mechanism, as hooks are generally characterized by the weight they can hold. A less than sturdy hook can increase the chances the wreath falls down and ends up damaged.

· Determine your hanging method. Once you know the weight of the wreath, you can figure out how to secure it to a door or window without having to drill holes into any structures. Removable adhesive strips are one option, provided you attach something like cardboard or another material to the back of the wreath upon which the adhesive strips can be stuck. Otherwise, over-the-door wreath hangers are wise investments that can support large, heavy wreaths.

· Consider the safety of pets. When decorating with plant material, it is important to know what is safe for pets in the household. According to the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, most holiday plants cause irritation of the mouth. Pine trees produce oils that can cause gastrointestinal issues.

· Exercise caution with storm doors. If you hang a wreath between a glass storm door and your front door, the air around the wreath will heat up and cause the wreath to turn brown.

· Choose a cool spot. In addition to avoiding heat that builds up between doors, you should select a cool spot out of the hot sun. Many pine trees, like balsam fir, react more favorably to cooler temperatures and will keep their vibrant green color and fragrance more readily.

· Go artificial. If you want to hang a wreath indoors, opt for an artificial one. Prolonged warm temperatures inside may prematurely dry out a fresh wreath, ultimately turning it into a fire hazard.

A few pointers can ensure wreaths remain a beautiful component of holiday decor throughout the season. 


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