Dog owner says Amazon delivery gone wrong is to blame for family pet’s injuries, later death

Katrina Frank, her significant other, Jerome Dixon, and their five children, Brandon, 13, Teagan, 12, Jase, 8, Austin 6, and four-month-old Luke are mourning the loss of their beloved family dog, Jakey, whose full name was Jakey Breaky Heart (also known as Jake). The family resides in Chatham Township, just outside of Buffalo.

Jakey was a nine-year-old Rottweiler, who Frank described as, “A nanny; she watched over the kids and kept them safe.” Frank shared some fond memories of her beloved pet, that was part of her family. “She was fantastic. She loved everyone, and everyone that met her loved her, too,” she said.

Frank spoke about Jakey’s mothering nature. Her and her family saved baby racoons and cared for them until they went to a rescue, Jakey loved the baby racoons. “When we have had kittens or other baby animals on the farm, she mothered them,” Frank said.

Jakey was a therapy dog for three years and went to work with Frank. Jakey went viral in 2020 for hiding bread and was even featured in commercials for Country Hearth. “She impacted more than just our family,” Frank stated.

On Sunday, October 16, Frank was expecting an Amazon delivery after receiving the wrong item previously. According to Frank, an unmarked sedan pulled in the driveway as her three dogs, including Jakey were in the front yard playing. “The dogs were standing near the car with their tails wagging,” Frank recalled.

“The passenger got out, and you could see her vest (Amazon vest), and she just started screaming. She must have been afraid of dogs,” Frank claimed. Frank went outside to see what was going on. “The driver ran out towards Jake and kicked her. She wasn’t doing anything, she was just standing there,” Frank declared.

Frank alleged that the male driver began throwing rocks at Jakey, throwing punches at her, and yelling. After the attack, the driver and passenger returned to their vehicle and fled. “I called the police, and I called Amazon,” she said.

Frank claims that she has been notified by Amazon that the male driver was not an employee of Amazon. Frank has been in contact with Amazon since the incident. They have offered her monetary compensation; Frank has not accepted it. “That’s not what this is about. It’s about ensuring this does not happen again. Hopefully, Amazon will better train and screen employees,” she said.

After the incident, Jakey was not eating or acting normally. Frank took her to the vet and would end up taking Jakey in for multiple vet visits due to the attack. Frank updated Amazon after each vet visit. According to Frank, Jakey was diagnosed with PTSD, and eventually they found blood in her stomach. There was a mass on Jakey’s liver, and the kick aggravated that causing a bleed to start.

Surgery was an option, with 50% success rate and low quality of life afterwards. Katrina and her family had to make the difficult decision to put Jakey down just two weeks after the traumatic event. Even though Frank and her family have two other dogs, a yellow lab named Benny, and a German Shepherd mix named Butters, this has been very hard on all of them. “The dogs have lost their hierarchy. She was the alpha,” Frank said.

Frank has been in continued contact with Amazon, sharing she has not always heard back. She has also been in contact with attorneys and the Wright County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO). Katrina claimed that Amazon has not fired the delivery person or released the names of the delivery person or driver.

According to Sheriff Sean Deringer, “This incident has been assigned to a deputy for follow up and is currently under investigation.” He has no further comment at this time.

On social media the hashtag #Jus ticeforJakey is being used to share Jakey’s story and bring attention to this matter. “The more the word gets out, the more we can prevent this from ever happening again,” Frank shared. There is also a petition online at:


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