“Use a Ladder”

November 2020 Home Improvement Topic from Menards

Ladders are probably the most sensible and practical option if you are doing tasks that require climbing and reaching high places. Although they are not usually our first choice, using a ladder instead of a chair or stool can make a job easier.

WHEN TO USE LADDERS -  if your task requires you to do something two feet above your head such as changing light bulbs or cleaning the top of your cabinets, ladders are your best options rather than make shift ladders.  

PAINTING THE HOUSE - Painting at heights is never easy, therefore use a ladder that is really sturdy because you’re likely using it for a good amount of time.  A ladder with a strong base will keep you from sliding with your every movement.

DOING CARPENTRY -  Carpenters work above ground most of the time which is why they

usually invest in high quality ladders.  The best type of ladders when doing carpentry are those that have extension options.

CLEANING THE ROOF - Most of us clean our roofs ourselves although some might call a professional service for help.  Cleaning the roof is also a dangerous task that requires extra safety measures. A high quality ladder is important when getting rid of leaves and foreign objects on your roof.


  • Hanging decorations - Ladders are very essential to everyone who frequently tackles with decorating their homes. Whether hanging a picture or decorating a tree, a ladder can give you the best support while climbing and as you do your home projects.  The same goes for hanging lights on your outdoor trees or gutters.
  • Hanging plants – Plants make every home more interesting.  Be sure to use a ladder so you can safely place your indoor plants without worrying about falling.
  • Storing in high locations – Seasonal items are usually stored on the highest shelving.
  • Cleaning the house –Ladders are essential when it’s time to clean the house. Cobwebs, molds and mildews can form anywhere including hard to reach places..
  • When fixing or changing a light bulb – The proper way to fix and change a bulb is to do it safely with a reliable ladder, plus you’ll be twisting and turning which makes it even more important.



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